Erectile Dysfunction, Urgent Care, and Medication

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Dr. Engel has always believed that erectile dysfunction (ED), one of the most disruptive and prevalent conditions he treats, requires an open conversation with a trusted urologic specialist. After all, erectile dysfunction can be multi-faceted with possible psychological, medication, and physical contributory factors.

Disruptor ED Treatments

In this new technology-forward environment, many “disruptors” have entered the medical field, including several in the male sexual health specialty that has little data to support them and is offered indiscriminately to patients that often cannot afford the high cost for treatments that have little chance of success. Also, numerous online and mail-order options successfully bring the medicines to you for sure but offer little else in terms of having access to a qualified urologist in case pills are not the answer or addressing root causes or other options.

Dr. Engel recognizes these shortcomings and is excited to address them to better serve the community. Some of the ways he is doing this are listed below:

A thorough consultation. ED can have its roots in depression or anxiety, cardiovascular disease that limits blood flow, medication side effects, and other structural problems that cannot be solved with medication alone. Patients are often left feeling hopeless if they believe that when the medication no longer works, their sex life is over. This is not the case. Unfortunately, we see many patients who have spent years, or even decades, unable to fully enjoy intimate time with their partners. For those who prioritize discretion and simply want an easy way to get erection medications far more affordably, our initial consultation serves this purpose with ease and simplicity. But if more is sought, the initial consultation will allow immediate availability to access our specialists, including Dr. Engel if needed, for a more traditional discussion in person or virtually of other related matters or other treatment options.

Meds are expensive. While cheaper than brand-name medication, the online subscription model is still far pricier than it needs to be. Many lower-cost options require a potentially embarrassing visit to the pharmacy. Dr. Engel can offer high-potency generics like 100 mg sildenafil (Viagra) or 20mg tadalafil (Cialis) for a fraction of the cost, and these can be picked up at the office same day or mailed to you same day discretely. A brief consultation, also commonly on the same day, is included with the purchase and shipping is always free.

Follow-up care. Dr. Engel is an expert in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. When medication eventually ceases to offer sufficient function, we have options for every patient, no matter how severe their condition may be.

Next Steps

Should you have erectile dysfunction, the next step is to understand the causes and treat symptoms of potential underlying conditions that could be responsible. We start the process with a preliminary consultation. From there, we can offer ED medication typically at far lower prices than online options, and if that fails, we are ready to help you more traditionally using your insurance for a more detailed consultation. We can always help a patient with their erections, and we go as far as to achieve this goal as the patient desires.

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