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January 12 at 6:30pm

I’d like to invite you to our first webinar of 2023, discussing the signs, symptoms, and treatment options for erectile dysfunction. Over my 20+ years in practice, I have seen hundreds of men waiting longer than they needed to seek treatment for erectile dysfunction, either because they were embarrassed to see a professional or did not fully understand their options.

In this comprehensive webinar, I will discuss the causes of ED and the treatments you have at your disposal, from medication and injections to penile implants and less traditional approaches.

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In this format, you will remain anonymous but get the information as if sitting across from me in the office. We will have a candid discussion about the most appropriate treatment options for virtually any scenario. You’ll be able to submit questions privately that I will answer at the end of the webinar.

I hope you join me in this first step toward resolving what is, for any man, a life-changing but treatable concern. I look forward to empowering you with the knowledge that your first step today can change your sexual health forever.

~ Dr. Jason Engel