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Meet The Robotic Surgery Team

Dr. Engel is a pioneer in the area of robotic surgery. He founded the robotic urologic surgery program at George Washington University Hospital and has, to date, performed over 1500 robotic surgeries throughout the urinary tract. He is heavily published and through his outcomes research played a key role in the emergence of robotic surgery's acceptance and now dominance in the field. View Dr. Jason Engel's Bio

Almost as important to the success and quality of a robotic surgical case is the surgical team in the OR. Dr. Engel will be performing your robotic surgery always with the same team of technicians and assistants, with the key member of that team being Eric T. Strother, CSA/LSA. Eric is a certified surgical assistant who is also considered a pioneer in this field. He has been operating with Dr. Engel since 2005, has over 20 years of surgical experience, and has special expertise in robotic urologic surgeries as well as robotic thoracic surgical procedures. He has assisted on over 2000 robotic surgeries. Eric was the first Certified Surgical Assistant licensed in Washington, D.C., and is past Chairperson of the National Surgical Assistants Association. He currently serves as its mid-Atlantic Regional Ambassador. Eric is widely considered to be one of the most skilled assistants in the country, and is among the best robotic assistants in the world.

Laparoscopic & Robotic Surgery

To understand what robotic surgery is, one must learn what laparoscopic surgery is. Laparoscopy literally means "scope in abdomen", which is an integral part of the procedure. The abdominal cavity is filled with air, which allows a camera and several instruments to be inserted into the abdomen through tiny incisions. Surgery is performed with the hands generally outside the body, on a television monitor, often with more precision and certainly less blood loss than open surgery. The major advantage is drastically reduced recovery time, both in the hospital and away from work... Learn More


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Urology Urgent Care

Urologic Urgent Care

Every patient that would otherwise have gone to a generic urgent care for their urologic can now be seen at a specialist-level urologic urgent care with same-day appointments.

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