Washington, D.C. Urology Office

Please note that ALL SCHEDULING is done through our 20th Street (D.C.) office (202) 223-1024. Please do not call the surgery centers, or the hospitals to schedule or cancel an encounter. 

Urology Services at this location

  • General urological appointments
  • Urological surgery consultations
  • In-office urologic procedures (see below)
  • Post-surgical follow-up visits

Procedures performed at this location

Contact Information & Directions

Phone (202) 223-1024
Fax (202) 223-2152

1147 20th St NW, Suite 400
Washington D.C. 20036

Metro Directions

From the RED line Metro the nearest stops are Farragut North and Dupont Circle. Both are within a 4-5 block walk.

From the ORANGE/BLUE line Metro the nearest stop is Foggy Bottom at George Washington University Hospital. Expect a 5 block walk.

Visit Our Urologic Urgent Care
Urology Urgent Care

Visit Our Urologic Urgent Care

Every patient that would otherwise have gone to a generic urgent care for their urologic can now be seen at a specialist-level urologic urgent care with same-day appointments.

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ED Medications

Discreet & Convenient ED Medication Online

Take advantage of exceptional prices on generic ED medication while avoiding the pharmacy and anonymous websites. Available for pick-up or by mail.

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