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We know that most patients would rather have a more discreet experience than having to come into our office and explain what can be an embarrassing situation face-to-face simply to obtain ED meds. We have noticed that current online suppliers generally take advantage of such patients by overcharging for these medications and committing them to subscriptions. These medicines can be had at a much lower cost, and we decided to share that savings with you.

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Other online services generally sell lower dosage pills so as to maximize their profit. We decided to mimic what we have been doing in our office for years. For our online sales, we prescribe the maximum dosage and encourage patients to save money by cutting them in half or even in quarters.

We emphasize fairness and honesty. On average, our prices are 50-75% lower than the most common online ED pharmacies. We don't play tricks by disguising higher prices by providing lower doses. We give you an honest price with the maximum strength dosage of each pill. Medications are shipped by Akina Pharmacy, Sterling, VA

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100mg Sildenafil or
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per pill for 90 pill supply
($1.50 per dose cut in half)

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1/3 of the price of most online ED medication prescribers
Full-service ED treatment and counseling online and in person
Check-ins to monitor effectiveness & refills
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You are not alone.

40% of men in their forties will experience some form of ED, but we commonly see men in their 20s and 30s too.

In a motivated patient, there is always a way to achieve and maintain a reliable erection.

Viagra and Cialis are not always enough for severe ED and sometimes more help is needed.

“We don't play tricks by disguising higher prices by providing lower doses. We give you an honest price with the maximum strength dosage of each pill.”
~Dr. Jason Engel

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we have answers.

Both of these ED drugs are phosphodiesterase type 5(PDE5) inhibitors and while they do have more similarities than differences, we should point out a few key differentiators. Tadalafil has a shorter time to onset of benefits and a longer duration of those benefits when compared to Sildenafil. Tadalafil also seems to offer better outcomes psychologically with higher Sexual Relationship scores. Both pills have similar risk profiles and most patients are very satisfied.
We prescribe the highest dosage of Sildenafil / Tadalafil as a matter of fairness and gold standard medical practice. We encourage you to cut the pill down to the smallest effective dose, both to save money and extend your supply. You can cut the pills into halves or even quarters.
Erectile dysfunction is a normal part of aging caused by a slow compromise of blood flow around the body. Eventually, ED will progress to where medications will no longer work consistently. We check in with you periodically to ensure continued erectile function. If you begin to see a decline in efficacy, even when taking the maximum dose, we can schedule you for a consultation with Dr. Engel to discuss next steps. Remember, there are always options to treat ED, no matter how severe.
Of course, you should only use erectile dysfunction medications as directed. That said, there are some limitations you should be aware of. First, medications will not work if your ED is severe. In this case, we would need to discuss follow-on treatments. Second, ED meds do not work unless you are aroused and have a desire for sexual activity. Otherwise, medications usually provide reliable erections as needed.
Medications are shipped by Akina Pharmacy, 23475 Rock Haven Way Suite 105, Sterling, VA 20166 directly to you.


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