Late Cancellation/No Show Policy

At Urologic Surgeons of Washington, we pride ourselves in trying to make ourselves available to help you in our office without long waits to get an appointment.  Because of this, our appointment schedule tends to be busy, and relies on efficiency and patients coming to their appointments as close to their appointment time as possible.

You will typically receive a reminder call regarding your appointment the day before the scheduled time, and may also receive an automated appointment reminder.  We feel this gives the patient enough time to contact us the day before to cancel or reschedule without penalty.  If despite these reminders a patient still does not contact us the day before an appointment to cancel, we must account for that lost time by charging a late cancellation or “no show” fee of $35.  That appointment cannot, at such a late notice, be offered to another patient in need.  We ask for your understanding as to our need to implement this policy.  If a patient is simply late for their appointment, they will still be seen by their doctor on the day of their appointment with no penalty at all.   Urologic Surgeons of Washington reserves the right to ask for this payment upon rescheduling or arriving at another appointment, which we will be happy to make for you.

Similarly, timeslots for procedures are very specific, and if a patient does not cancel or reschedule a procedure either in our office or in a facility within 24 hours of their appointment, we must charge a $100 fee to account for the lost time.  In such a case, supplies can be wasted, another patient will have been denied that time, and the physician’s time is wasted.  Again, we understand if situations arise in one’s life that may cause such a situation, but we ask for your understanding in partially compensating for this lost time.  Just as with an office appointment, we will still try to accommodate a patient on the same day if they are simply late with no penalty at all.  Urologic Surgeons of Washington reserves the right to ask that this fee be paid before rescheduling your procedure.


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Urologic Urgent Care

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