Self-Catherization Instructions

Self-catheterization should be easy, quick, and painless, and something you can perform at home with minimal fuss. The basic concept of catheterization is that a flexible plastic tube is inserted into the urethra up to the bladder, where urine can be evacuated, thus eliminating any retention you may be experiencing.


First, it is essential to understand the catheters he will be provided with are not sterile, nor do they need to be. However, washing your hands thoroughly when touching your catheter is a must to minimize the risk of infection. These catheters are also reusable, and we suggest they be cleaned thoroughly between uses and stored in a Ziploc bag between uses. We will provide instructions and two or three catheters should you need to replace them.

The exact technique is exhibited in the video above; however, the general principle is that plenty of lubricant should be added to the tip of the catheter, which is inserted into the urethra carefully.

Note the blue line at the top of the catheter and the raised notch at the end. These should always remain facing upward.

Push the catheter a few inches and squeeze the penile shaft to hold the catheter in place. While holding the penis to maintain catheter placement, use your other hand to take an additional inch of catheter tubing, let go of the penis and push the catheter further in. Repeat this alternating sequence until the first spurt of urine comes out of the catheter. This means you have reached the bladder opening.

To avoid a mess, keep a container at the end of the catheter to collect urine that may spill out.

Push the catheter in further until you are about an inch from the plastic end cap.

Click here for catheter removal instructions


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