Urine PCR

We have as of late been using a new, more sensitive and much faster test to look for infection in the urine called urine PCR.  This test allows us to get results as fast as the next day, including what antibiotic resistances might exist.  This has allowed us to treat infections with the correct antibiotic far more quickly than was possible in the past with standard urine culture.

For the most part, we send your urine away to one of two labs that are to bill your insurance but not charge you in large part for the balance of what insurance did not cover.  Some Blue Cross patients might see this billing handled by Privia on behalf of Urologic Surgeons of Washington.   If you are one of these patients, we can help you directly with your bill and address any concerns you have directly by calling us in the office.  Please ask for Ruby who is trained to help you and in most cases will write off some or all of your unpaid balance.  If a bill has arrived from and outside lab, please call them before paying it and ask for the balance to be forgiven before paying the bill.


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Urology Urgent Care

Urologic Urgent Care

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