No Scalpel Vasectomy – Patient Instructions

Avoid aspirin for at least two weeks prior to the vasectomy. After the procedure, you may drive yourself home. You will be asked to hold gentle pressure on the two vasectomy sites as much as possible for a period of one hour (to minimize bleeding, bruising and swelling). After that period, cold packs can be applied for the next hour or two if desired.

You will have received prescriptions for pain medication and antibiotics to be filled prior to the procedure and taken afterwards. Pain medications are rarely needed after the first few days. Most patients go to work the next day.

Avoid exercise that causes one to strain for one week, especially if the epididymis is inflamed. Ejaculation should be avoided as much as possible over the first 2-3 days, as often the epididymis (the structure above the testicle where sperm mature) can become inflamed and painful upon early resumption of ejaculation. Sometimes this inflammation occurs without early ejaculation, and this need not cause concern. If you experience this, take 600mg of Ibuprofen three times a day for one week. Almost always, this swelling and inflammation will subside over a week or so. If excessive swelling and pain do occur, we are happy to see you in the office to examine you. We generally handle all questions regarding the normalcy of your experience by an office visit so that we may examine you in person.  Please note that pain, swelling and bruising is very variable, and there should be no concern if one is not fully healed within less than a week.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT have unprotected sex until a semen specimen is brought in for examination by the doctor performing the procedure (call the office to determine your doctor’s schedule). We insist that you bring us a specimen to examine no sooner than two months after the vasectomy.  We do not use a number of ejaculations as a parameter.  When dropping off your specimen in the cup provided at the time of vasectomy, leave us day and night-time contact information where we can leave you a message.  You are not cleared by us until you hear from us.  Please do not assume you are clear unless personally receiving a call or message from us.  At times, it will take longer than two months to have a specimen completely absent of sperm. Very rarely, a microscopic connection forms between both cut ends of the vas, thus allowing a few sperm through. This is estimated to occur once in 3333 vasectomies. Having a specimen checked by your doctor minimizes the risk that this goes unnoticed.  Of course this risk is never completely eliminated, and some patients opt to bring a second specimen one month after being initially cleared to be as sure as possible.


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