Testicular Pain / Chronic Testis Pain

One of the most common reasons for a urologic visit is testis pain. Although organic reasons for testis and scrotal pain do exist, and some of them are dangerous and, at times, an emergency, the vast majority of testis pain is largely unexplained.

In that typical patient, certain things are almost always present here. First, the source of the discomfort is nearly always not the testicle itself but rather the sperm plumbing and where it exits the testicle at its top. What all of these patients share generally is worry that this could be due to things like infection, sexually transmitted disease, or cancer. Therefore, all such patients will be sent for an ultrasound and have infection ruled out so as to provide them peace of mind which is typically our number one goal here. The thing for these patients to understand is that this pain will almost always be recurrent and that it is almost never a result of infection or a serious problem.

Our goal is to provide reassurance such that when this typically mild pain does recur, it is treated with no more significance than mild discomfort found in less sensitive areas of the body.

Below Dr. Tobon will discuss the more identifiable causes of testis pain.

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