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Meet The Urologic Surgeon of Washington

Urologic Surgeons of Washington, the practice of Dr. Jason Engel, has been providing the highest quality Urologic care in the Washington DC area for over 45 years.  Dr. Engel strives to achieve the highest level of patient care in the office and operating room setting. With locations in downtown D.C. and Chevy Chase, MD, patients are able to easily access the providers. Additionally, the practice is an integral part of the Department of Urology at George Washington University Hospital as well as Sibley Memorial Hospital. With access to both academic and private institutions, cutting edge Urologic care can be delivered to general and much more complex Urologic conditions. Dr. Engel prides himself on achieving excellence with patient relationships throughout their need for Urologic care.

Our goal is to educate and partner with our patients to help them achieve their best health.

Featured Procedures

Robotic Urologic Surgery +

To date, Dr. Engel has performed nearly two thousand robotic surgeries since founding the urologic robotic surgery program at George Washington University Hospital. His complication rate is one of the lowest in the country, as is his positive margin rate.

Laparoscopic Urologic Surgery +

Laparoscopy, popularized in the 1990s, is a style of surgery that is designed to perform abdominal or pelvic surgeries without making large incisions. It is a surgical approach that has transformed minimally invasive abdominal surgery in general. Dr. Engel helped introduce laparoscopic urology to Washington D.C.

BPH Procedures +

One of the most common causes for a visit to the Urologist is when a man notices that he is starting to urinate more frequently, with a slower stream, more urgently, orperhaps now must get up to urinate in the middle of the night. This may be due to an enlarged prostate or BPH. Treatment can be medical or surgical.

Urologic Reconstruction +

Reconstructive Urology concerns itself primarily with the repair of urethral strictures, kidney collecting system procedures such as a pyeloplasty, Peyronie's disease to straighten the penis and Urinary Diversion which is performed generally after the bladder is removed. These are highly specialzed procedures that require special experience and skill sets.

No Scalpel Vasectomy +

A vasectomy effectively blocks sperm from reaching the semen by cutting both vasa in the scrotum. As a result, a man's ejaculate will be present, but have no sperm. A vasectomy will have no effect on testosterone, erections, or anything other than fertility.

Kidney Stone Procedures +

Kidney stones are treated either urgently, when they are passing and thus causing obstruction and pain, or electively when they sit asymptomatically in the kidney. The vast majority of stone procedures are performed in a minimally invasive fashion in an outpatient surgical setting. Open or even laparoscopic/robotic surgery is extremely rare today.

Providing the highest quality urologic care in the Washington, D.C. area for over 45 years.