ED Questionnaire

It is common to develop erectile dysfunction and/or prolonged bladder health issues in association with other health conditions, as one ages, or following prostate cancer treatment. Complete both pages of this questionnaire to assess your sexual and bladder health. Treatment options are available to you, as needed.

We encourage you to download the questionnaire below, complete it as best you can and bring it to your initial consultation.

Download the Questionnaire


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Visit Our Urologic Urgent Care
Urology Urgent Care

Visit Our Urologic Urgent Care

Every patient that would otherwise have gone to a generic urgent care for their urologic can now be seen at a specialist-level urologic urgent care with same-day appointments.

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Discreet & Convenient ED Medication Online
ED Medications

Discreet & Convenient ED Medication Online

Take advantage of exceptional prices on generic ED medication while avoiding the pharmacy and anonymous websites. Available for same-day pick-up.

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