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Dr. Jason Engel discusses the advancements in laparoscopy as it related to robotic surgery. The robot essentially shrinks Dr. Engel’s hands, allowing him to perform more complicated procedures in a minimally invasive manner. Despite the advances in robotics, surgeon experience is always paramount.

In the following video, Dr. Engel discusses PSA testing and recent research. He explains that PSA testing needs to be used responsibly and if done so, can be an excellent diagnostic tool. Ultimately, undergoing PSA screening is a personal choice that should be made by the patient during a consultation.

In this video Dr. Engel describes robotic surgery as it fits in with other prostate cancer treatments such as watchful waiting and radiation to name a few. Dr. Engel and George Washington University Hospital are leaders in robotic urological surgery.

Dr. Engel explains the process and outcomes of a robotically assisted prostatectomy. Laparoscopy, and especially robotic surgery, leads to better patient outcomes with less pain and blood loss and fewer complications overall.

Dr. Engel performs robotic surgery on live TV on Fox 5 Morning News

Dr. Engel in 2004 discussing how playing video games may translate into improved skill in laparoscopic and robotic surgery.

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