Generic Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Medication Available in Office

If you have visited our office for Erectile Dysfunction or ED, you know that we are able to prescribe medication for those that need it. Most commonly, we prescribe generic versions of Viagra and Cialis, the two most prescribed ED medications in the United States. In an effort to offer our patients a more convenient prescription filling option, we will now be selling these generic medications at the office. Beyond this convenience, our second goal is to offer these medications at a lower price than what would be found at your local pharmacy.

Diagnosing erectile dysfunction and treatment

Understandably, erectile dysfunction is a very distressing condition for any man who experiences it, even mildly. When a man comes into our office concerned about difficulty maintaining or achieving an erection, we take a stepwise approach to his treatment. Erectile dysfunction may be caused by lack of blood flow, including issues associated with medication, previous surgery, or the simple fact that the patient is no longer aroused by their sexual partner. Once lifestyle and medication issues have been ruled out as the cause of erectile dysfunction, employing medical therapy may improve the patient’s condition. Commonly advertised medications like Viagra and Cialis have been proven safe and their generic versions are similarly so.

Seeing Dr. Engel about erectile dysfunction

Dr. Engel will begin with a thorough assessment when you arrive at our office, to understand more about the potential causes of your erectile dysfunction. Some men will find that their concerns are more related to lifestyle and psychological factors than physical problems. However, if lifestyle changes don’t seem to improve the issue, medication is the next logical step.

For some men with severe erectile dysfunction or impotence (often post-prostatectomy patients), a penile implant may be exactly what’s needed to achieve a satisfying erection. However, understanding whether a penile prosthesis is the best option requires a consultation with Dr. Engel, one of the most experienced penile implant surgeons in the area and around the US.

For more information about our generic medication program, launching soon, we encourage you to contact our office.

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