Return of Erectile Function After Robotic Prostatectomy

Using a sexual satisfaction survey called the IIEF, one sees that despite using drugs such as Viagra nearly all fully potent men will go from the maximal of 30 to the minimal score of 6. Note that at three and even six months there is on average very little sexual function. Note that the ability to achieve orgasm is not affected after surgery. By nine months most men notice partial erections not fully useful for intercourse, and at 12 months just over half will have enough function for intercourse.

Function improves between 12 and 24 months, but never reaches 30 on average. Therefore, patients often rely on injection therapy in the first year, and hopefully can rely on oral medicines such as Viagra to achieve satisfactory intercourse after the first year. This outcome graph is nearly identical between all high volume surgeons, and represents data from bilateral nerve sparing robotic surgery. They are not just Dr. Engel’s results.