When to See Your Urologist About Blood in Your Urine

Nurses Hand Holding a Test Tube with Blood

Seeing blood in the urine can be startling and, in most cases, should be evaluated by a qualified and experienced urologist such as Dr. Engel. Blood in the urine, except after certain procedures, is not normal, and should not be ignored. However, you can rest assured that the majority of cases are not of significant concern. Some of the most common reasons for seeing blood in the urine include:

When It Can’t Be Seen

Gross hematuria can be seen in the form of a pink, red or brown tint to the urine. However, there are times where microscopic amounts of blood are found in the urine and these traces can only be detected with a urinalysis. In other words, you can’t see any blood at all. These are usually found as part of the routine annual physical during which your primary care physician may also order blood tests and other diagnostics as necessary. If your urinalysis comes back positive for blood, your doctor will discuss possible options with you.

When It’s Not Actually Blood

Our kidneys filter out all sorts of toxins and colorings, but in some cases, we may urinate different colors due to what we have ingested. No better example is that of a very delicious and very nutritious beet. Beets are highly pigmented and when eaten in quantity can tint the urine red. So, if you see a red tint in the urine a day or two after eating beets, this is likely no cause for concern.

Bottom Line

Visible or occult blood in the urine is something that should be evaluated by Dr. Engel, unless it is a natural side-effect of a urologic procedure or expected as a result of a condition that you may be experiencing and are already being treated for. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Engel, please contact us.

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