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Should I Worry About Priapism With My ED Treatment?

Priapism is a greatly misunderstood concern. Many people call priapism the four-hour erection and think that it is alternately a good thing – a sign of masculinity or amusing; however, the exact opposite is true. Yes, we all want strong, prolonged, lasting erections, but when they begin to damage penile tissue, often permanently, we need to stop them in their tracks. In this article, we discuss the primary non-surgical ED treatments, whether they could cause priapism, and what to do about it. Before we continue, however, it must be said that priapism is very rare, and while you should know about it, you don’t necessarily need to actively worry about it. Remember, a satisfying sex life is also psychological, and you do not need any impediments to that. You should also know that several medications can cause priapism, and as such, you should speak to your urologist to understand more about possible causes.

Are Injections for ED Extreme?

Erectile dysfunction, or ED, is a problem as old as humanity and remains virtually inevitable as we age. No matter how healthy we are, the heart and blood vessels, especially those arteries feeding oxygen to the penis, eventually lose their ability to transmit blood to the body as effectively as before. The best analogy involves our capacity to exercise as we age. No matter how in shape we are for our age, our bodies lose some ability with time. As it relates to erectile function, this aging process leads to weaker erections over time and, eventually, the inability to enjoy one’s sex life.


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