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How Curved Does Your Penis Have to Be for Peyronie’s Treatment?

When a man first sees that his penis is curved, it can be a very concerning, even panic-inducing situation. Peyronie’s disease is caused by plaque buildup on the penile structures, leading to curvature in any direction. Eventually, this curvature can begin to be problematic: it can be mild or serious enough to interfere with proper sex and even cause significant pain with an erection. When the penile curvature is relatively mild, patients are often hesitant to go to their urologist or men’s health specialist because they’re unsure if the degree of curvature requires medical or surgical care. However, looking only at the curvature does not paint the whole picture, and patients who have Peyronie’s disease should change how they think about the condition. Most importantly, it’s not so much about the degree to which the penis is curved but rather whether the curvature is interfering with life in some way or another.

P-Shots – What Are They, and Do They Work?

P-shots or Priapus shots, aptly named after the Greek god of fertility, have become popular in recent years as some in the medical community turn their minds toward biohacking or improving the function of the body. From online resources to doctors and men’s health clinics, P-shots are being advertised as a way to get many benefits from platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, specifically as it relates to the penis. Let’s see what the most common claims are. P-shots can improve erectile function. P-shots can increase the girth and or length of the penis. P-shots can improve the health of the penis.

Penile Implant – A Fix for Peyronie’s and Erectile Dysfunction?

Of the most common and debilitating male sexual function concerns that Dr. Engel treats, erectile dysfunction, and Peyronie’s disease are at the top of the list, both in incidence and in the desire for the patient to have them treated. When discussing these two conditions with patients, they are often seen as having separate and distinct treatment protocols. To some degree, this is true if they occur individually. However, Peyronie’s disease and ED often co-occur. One may cause the other, or they may both be present independently. In this article, we will discuss when a penile implant may be appropriate to treat both conditions, giving patients a one-stop option for handling two significant concerns.


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