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Does ED Signal Impending Heart Problems?

Erectile dysfunction is a ubiquitous part of aging and is closely related, in most patients, to the efficiency of the blood flow to the penis. Just as with other parts of the body, the penis has arteries that supply it with oxygenated blood. Differently from most other structures in the body, the penis retains some of that blood to create an erection. If this blood does not or cannot reach the penis, an erection may be soft or not last long enough for proper sexual contact. While blood flow issues are the most common cause of erectile dysfunction, there are other considerations, including the fact that some patients have psychogenic causes of their ED. This means that they have essentially psyched themselves out of sex either due to prior poor performance or other psychological concerns.

How Curved Does Your Penis Have to Be for Peyronie’s Treatment?

When a man first sees that his penis is curved, it can be a very concerning, even panic-inducing situation. Peyronie’s disease is caused by plaque buildup on the penile structures, leading to curvature in any direction. Eventually, this curvature can begin to be problematic: it can be mild or serious enough to interfere with proper sex and even cause significant pain with an erection. When the penile curvature is relatively mild, patients are often hesitant to go to their urologist or men’s health specialist because they’re unsure if the degree of curvature requires medical or surgical care. However, looking only at the curvature does not paint the whole picture, and patients who have Peyronie’s disease should change how they think about the condition. Most importantly, it’s not so much about the degree to which the penis is curved but rather whether the curvature is interfering with life in some way or another.


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