Dr. Engel Joined “Great Day Washington” – Discusses Erectile Dysfunction (ED) 

Dr. Engel joined “Great Day Washington” on WUSA 9 to discuss erectile dysfunction (ED) and treatment options including inflatable penile prostheses. Dr. Engel told viewers about the distinction between ED caused by prostate cancer surgery and radiation, for which medication is relatively ineffective; and ED caused by other problems and/or aging. For patients recovering from prostate surgery or radiation, an inflatable penile prosthesis is often an excellent option, allowing them to have natural, relatively spontaneous erections using a device that is completely hidden within the anatomy.

Dr. Engel uses an IPP known as the AMS 700 made by Boston Scientific. This is a three-part device that includes tubes implanted into the natural corporal space of the penis. These tubes are connected to a pump implanted into the scrotum and further connected to a water reservoir placed in the lower abdomen. With several pumps, the tubes inflate, and the penis becomes erect. After intercourse, patients can deflate the penis with a simple press of a button. Not only do these devices offer an incredible level of satisfaction, but they are very durable.

For more information on erectile dysfunction and a penile prosthesis as a treatment option, please contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Engel. While many men are embarrassed to bring up this topic, it is important to know how common ED is and how very treatable the condition has become with modern technology and surgical technique.