Are Injections for ED Extreme?

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Erectile dysfunction, or ED, is a problem as old as humanity and remains virtually inevitable as we age. No matter how healthy we are, the heart and blood vessels, especially those arteries feeding oxygen to the penis, eventually lose their ability to transmit blood to the body as effectively as before. The best analogy involves our capacity to exercise as we age. No matter how in shape we are for our age, our bodies lose some ability with time. As it relates to erectile function, this aging process leads to weaker erections over time and, eventually, the inability to enjoy one’s sex life.

In part because of the prevalence of ED and partly because most men want to have a sex life well into their later years, there has been plenty of research and, ultimately, plenty of options for treating ED effectively and safely. Of course, virtually every man knows about the little blue pill (Viagra and its generic sildenafil) and its competitor, Cialis, generically known as tadalafil. These medications were marketed hard over the years by the drug companies that invented them. Online pharmacies have picked up the baton now that these drugs are sold generically.

Eventually, however, even these drugs cease to work as the occlusion of the penile arteries associated with ED worsens. In many cases, men give up their quest for a firm erection once they realize that the medication is not working, either because they don’t realize that there are plenty of viable options or because they believe that the next steps are extreme.

So, let’s take the first next step, which involves injecting the penis with Trimix: a compounded drug that offers virtually immediate and very strong erections.

Is It as Scary as It Sounds?

The concept of injecting your penis every time you want to have intercourse may seem daunting. Still, you’ll find very quickly that with the training we provide at our office and some practice, it becomes second nature and frankly quite normal. Injections also represent a relatively easy option when compared to surgery, which is often the final step for patients who have severe ED and for whom no other options have worked.

With that said, you may also have heard of the dreaded 4-hour erection, which is, in every case, an emergency that requires immediate care at the hospital. True, priapism, as it is known, is a risk of penile injections for ED; however, with our in-depth training program, our rates of priapism are low. While we educate our patients on what to do if it does happen, fortunately, very few will ever need to act on that information.

So, Are Penile Injections Extreme?

Ultimately, this is a question only you can answer; from Dr. Engel’s perspective, injections for ED are a natural next step when medications cease to work. Again, when properly administered, the injections are very safe, and soon, patients don’t even think twice about them. Most importantly, they derive a great deal of benefit both physically and psychologically because of a renewed sex life.

If medication no longer works, we encourage you to visit our office to learn more about injections. Under Dr. Engel’s guidance and care, every patient has a treatment option.


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