P-Shots – What Are They, and Do They Work?

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P-shots or Priapus shots, aptly named after the Greek god of fertility, have become popular in recent years as some in the medical community turn their minds toward biohacking or improving the function of the body. From online resources to doctors and men’s health clinics, P-shots are being advertised as a way to get many benefits from platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, specifically as it relates to the penis. Let’s see what the most common claims are.

  • P-shots can improve erectile function.
  • P-shots can increase the girth and or length of the penis.
  • P-shots can improve the health of the penis.

Let’s take each of these claims individually, but it’s essential to understand what PRP or platelet-rich plasma is before we do. Platelet-rich plasma is created from our blood. Spinning blood in a centrifuge allows us to separate the plasma and platelets from red blood cells and other blood components. In doing so, we concentrate the regenerative platelets – the same ones our bodies use to repair wounds, and then inject them into an area that needs improvement. PRP is used in aesthetics (a vampire facial), hair regrowth, and even orthopedics, where it is often injected directly into joints.

Does PRP Increase the Length and Girth of the Penis?

There’s little evidence to suggest that the length or girth of the penis would be altered in any significant way by injecting PRP; if anything, any circumference improvements may be the result of the inflammation associated with the injection itself. There may also be some positive self-talk behind the perception of a bigger penis. Eventually, however, these effects, if any, will wear off.

Do P-Shots Help ED?

As to whether P-shots can make any difference with erectile function, the answer is likely not. If patients are experiencing psychogenic erectile dysfunction, in other words, if it’s in their mind, there may be some benefit in the form of possibly improved confidence. However, for ED caused by the occlusion of penile arteries, there doesn’t seem to be a pathway for P-Shots to reverse this issue.

Lastly, Does PRP Improve Penile Tissue?

This answer is somewhat more nuanced, as PRP has some rejuvenation benefits when injected into tissue. Even if the PRP were to enhance the quality and youthfulness of the tissue in the injection area, does this have an appreciable effect on a patient sex life? Maybe. If the penis becomes more engorged with blood by more effectively using the blood reaching it, then it is conceivable that a patient may enjoy sex more. However, it is hard to believe this improvement would last very long or be significant.

The Bottom Line

P-shots may or many not have significant or lasting benefit on penile health – we simply don’t have enough data. If you already have erectile dysfunction, you should see a qualified urologist to get the appropriate treatment in the form of medication, injections, or a penile implant.

For those with severe ED, it’s also important to remember that P-shots can be costly. If you intend to try it, have disposable income, and go to a well-known and highly experienced practitioner, you may avoid common pitfalls. However, we caution against visiting anyone other than a physician with substantial experience in penile structures.


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